The Junior League NYC luncheon on Thursday, November 7, was organized by Lea Carroll and Celeste Rault. Upon arrival each guest was offered a delicious champagne cocktail, just enough to whet the appetite for lunch. As guests picked up their book, Flowers for the Home Influences from the World Over, they were drawn like magnets to the Harriman Room, beautifully decorated by Grayson.

Grayson provided tablescapes for an elegant autumn dinner, a holiday dinner, a wedding and a casual dinner. The floating candles at each table were either in holders wrapped in palm leaves, tall and/or scalloped holders and even mini clay pots. Each guest received a beautiful three-fold pamphlet with entertaining tips and Chef John Donnelly, who prepared another delectable dining experience.

Despite the rainy weather, the luncheon was a lovely way to spend a few hours, surrounded by beautiful flowers and good friends. A Provisional who was seated at my table remarked how lovely and festive the Harriman Room looked when so beautifully decorated.